Kennelwood Pet Resorts FETCH Shuttle service is a quick, convenient, and easy way to transport your pets to and from our pet resorts. You’re busy and your time is valuable, don’t worry about bringing your pet to us, we’ll come to you! Kennelwood Pet Resorts provides a wide range of services for your pets including Boarding, Grooming, DayCamp, and Training. You can take advantage of the FETCH Shuttle service to help you transport your pet to our Pet Resorts for any of our services.
To learn more about our FETCH Shuttle service, give us a call at 314-429-2100. Please note that the cost of our FETCH Shuttle service to and from Kennelwood will be based on the mile range from our pet resorts.

Kennelwood FETCH Shuttle Services

At Kennelwood Pet Resorts, we make pet transport easy and stress-free. Your pet’s safety is our main priority. Our FETCH Shuttle drivers are professional, licensed, and will provide your pet with the utmost care and attention to ensure the trip is safe, comfortable, and a worry-free experience. We can pickup or deliver your pet to your home or office. Our FETCH Shuttle drivers will make certain that your pets are taken care of, from the time they are picked up to the time we deliver them back to you.
Here are some of the FETCH Shuttle services we provide:

  • Pickup and delivery to and from customers’ homes or offices for Boarding, Grooming, Training and DayCamp services.
  • Skunked Pet pickup as part of a Deskunking Grooming service.
  • Complimentary transportation from Kennelwood’s FETCH Shuttle locations, Chesterfield and Grooming by Kennelwood Spa located inside the Humane Society on Macklind Ave, to our Page and Lindbergh Pet Resort for overnight boarding.
  • Complimentary transportation from Kennelwood FETCH Shuttle location inside of Four Paws Animal Hospital in O’Fallon, IL to our Maryville, IL Pet Resort for overnight boarding.

Our FETCH Shuttle Comforts

The Kennelwood FETCH Shuttles are equipped with quality, safe, crates for maximum security of every pet. Each crate is regularly checked for any indication of weakness or damage to ensure pets are safe in their crates every ride. Every crate is fitted with a nontoxic, comfortable pad. These pads offer superior support and comfort for even the largest dog. The pads are specially designed with pets in mind, they have no stitching or zippers that pets could potentially chew on and because they are 100% waterproof, it is impossible for liquid to leak into the pad and harmful bacteria to grow. Each crate is also equipped with a spill proof water bowl and fresh water. Our FETCH Shuttles have circulating air throughout the entire vehicle, helping to keep pets cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Book Your Pet’s FETCH Shuttle Trip

To learn more about our FETCH Shuttle service call us at 314-429-2100.