FETCH Shuttle: Pet Transportation Service in St. Louis

FETCH Shuttle is our affordable pet transportation service that offers a quick, convenient, and simple way to drive your pet to and from our pet resorts. We provide this inexpensive option to pet owners because we understand time is valuable, days get busy, and schedules get packed. So, instead of taking time off work to bring your pup in for a bath or spa day, we’ll come to you!  

Kennelwood Pet Resorts offer FETCH Shuttle service, including pickups and drop-offs, to all our customers in St. Louis, St. Peters, Chesterfield, and the surrounding areas. Contact us at 314-429-2100 for more details or view our pet resort locations to find your nearest facility. (Please note that the cost of our FETCH Shuttle service to and from Kennelwood will be based on the mile range from our pet resorts.)

Benefits of FETCH Shuttle Service

At Kennelwood Pet Resorts, we make pet transport to and from our locations easy and stress-free. View the advantages of using our FETCH Shuttle transportation service below: 

Pickup & Drop-Off

When you make an appointment for groomingboardingtraining, or DayCamp, we will gladly schedule a time to pick up your pet from your home, office, airport, or another location. Once they’re ready to go, we’ll drive and deliver them back to you at your specified location and time. 

You Pick the Location

As a true full-service pet resort, we gladly pick up and deliver pets to any location within our service area. Your choice, our pleasure. 

Skunked Pet Pickup

Pooch get into a scuffle with a skunk? Ick. As part of our special Deskunking Grooming service, we will pick up your stinky pet, so your car won’t smell like a gym sock for weeks. After they’re cleaned up, we’ll drop them off at home, safe and sound (and smelling like a million bucks). 

Licensed Drivers

In addition to our pet care technicians—you know: dog groomers, boarding attendants, canine trainers—we also employ professional, licensed pet shuttle drivers to ensure your pet is transported safely to our pet resorts, spas, and boarding facilities.  

Safety & Comfort

Safety, after all, is our top priorityThat’s why we equip our shuttles with quality pet crates. Our crates are regularly checked for any indication of weakness or damage, ensuring your pets are secure at all times. 

We fit every crate with nontoxic, bacteria-resistant pads that provide superior support and comfort to even the largest dog breeds. This padding is specially designed with pets in mind; they have no zippers or stitching that could potentially harm a curious, chew-happy pup, and they’re 100% “water” proof.  

Spill-proof water bowls, filled with fresh h2o, are also attached in these crates. And the shuttle vehicles circulate air constantly, so you won’t have to worry about your pet getting too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.  

Fetch Shuttle Limitations

The Fetch Shuttle is available to pets that weigh less than 100 pounds. Due to the size restrictions in our vehicles, our Fetch Shuttles cannot be equipped with crates that are large enough to safely transport a pet 100 pounds or larger.

Additionally, pets that are cage aggressive, aggressive to humans, or have extreme stress and anxiety are not candidates to ride in the Fetch Shuttle. While the goal of the Fetch Shuttle is to provide our clients with a convenient solution to access Kennelwood services, the safety and well being of the pets and staff is our number one priority.

If your pet is not a candidate for the Fetch Shuttle, please plan to drop off/ pick up directly at the Kennelwood location your pet will be visiting.

Complimentary Services Available

Transportation is available for free in select cases and at select locations, including the following 

We suggest reaching out to your local Kennelwood Pet Resort facility for more details.  

Book FETCH Shuttle Transportation in St. Louis

Schedule your visit to Kennelwood online, and let us know if you need help with transporting your pet. If you’d like more information about FETCH Shuttle service, please contact us at 314-429-2100