Kennelwood Pet Boarding Reservations

Taking an extended vacation or need a qualified, experienced, 24/7 dog sitter in St. Louis for a weekend? Submit your reservation and board your pet at Kennelwood!

For more than 40 years, Kennelwood Pet Resorts has been offering some of the best dog and cat boarding solutions in the St. Louis area. Pet Parents trust our kennels because we don’t operate them like traditional kennels—we operate them like hotels. From private pet villas to deluxe doggie suites to sunlit kitty rooms, our animal boarding options run the gamut. (We’ve even got special webcams set up in select rooms!)

We’d be honored to have your pet as a guest. Simply send us your pet’s RSVP and we’ll get his or her room ready. If you would like a boarding cost estimate or want to take advantage of our free pet sleepover trial, please call your Kennelwood facility.

Note: Online pet boarding reservations are not secured until we’ve confirmed your details. Once we receive your request, a Kennelwood Customer Service Representative will contact you to finalize your reservation.

Note: We strongly suggest contacting your nearest Kennelwood Pet Resort location directly to request dog or cat boarding on short notice (within 48 hours).

Thank you for choosing Kennelwood. Before bringing your pets in for its boarding appointment, please review our rules on vaccinations and safety policy to ensure your pets, as well as others’ pets, are kept safe.

Kennelwood Hours

Sunday – 10AM-6PM (Chesterfield: 8AM-5PM • O’Fallon: 9AM-3PM)

Monday – 7AM-6PM

Tuesday – 6:15AM-6PM (Page & Lindbergh: 7AM-6PM)

Wednesday – 7AM-6PM (Page & Lindbergh: 6:15AM-6PM)

Thursday – 7AM-6PM (St. Peters: 6:15AM-6PM)

Friday – 7AM-6PM

Saturday – 7AM-5PM (O’Fallon: 8AM-4PM)

Humane Society of Missouri (Grooming by Kennelwood) location is open Tuesday-Saturday from 8AM to 4PM.

Hours of operation for Kennelwood facilities will vary by season and during the holidays. Prior to your visit, please call your Kennelwood location to confirm hours.