Pet Matchmaker

Welcome to my corner — Patty’s corner! Just like The Blues Brothers once sang: “everybody … needs somebody … to love.”  That’s why I created the Kennelwood Pet Resorts Pet Matchmaker program – to help pair dogs and cats that need a good home with an appropriate, loving Pet Parent.

Whether you’re an experienced pet owner or you’re searching for your first puppy love, my free assistance can help you research, locate and choose the best pet for your lifestyle. I’ll connect prospective Pet Parents with rescue organizations and breeders, can provide facts on the temperament, size, and energy level of the pet you are interested in.

Just contact me at 314.446.1011 or

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Ask the Expert

Our experts provide Pet Parents with real advice on anything about pets — from answers to questions about boarding facilities, to how to get rid of pesky fleas, or if your pet is being naughty, there are answers for that too.

Missing Pet Resources

Every day, hundreds of family pets go missing. Losing a pet is stressful, so in 2009 Kennelwood created the Mimi Alert program. This is a FREE SERVICE that helps missing pets find their way home, and also helps people who might find a stray pet. To date the Mimi Alert program has help over 342 pets find their way home.

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***If your pet is missing, please call the Pet Matchmaker at 314.446.1011 for assistance.

***Or email at petmatchmaker@kennelwood.com

Invisible Fence

Learn more about Invisible Fence here.

Invisible Fence - Invisible Fence via Kennelwood Pet Resorts

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Paw Prints by Kennelwood® is our professional photography service. Our professional, in-house photographer captures all of the cute and cuddly moments we have with the pets in our care while their pet parents are away. Stay connected with your pet while you’re away and receive Paw Prints photos emailed to you during your pet’s vacation with us. You can even schedule an appointment in our new in-house photography studio if you’re looking for portraits of your furry family member or even the whole family! Learn more about Paw Prints by Kennelwood and our studio photography services below or by calling 314.429.2100 or emailing photos@kennelwood.com. Here’s a gallery of some of our Paw Prints pooches…