At Kennelwood Pet Resorts we know how important it is to find the right care giver for your pet. You want to know that your pet is safe, comfortable and most of all cared for just like they are at home. Whether your dog or cat visits us for one day or one month, he or she will be treated as a member of our family.

With our highly skilled staff on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, your pet will receive the ultimate care. We invite you to take a tour of our locations and see the many ways we can pamper and care for your pet.

In addition to the boarding options (outlined below), we offer: grooming, day camp, personal play date, and customized training options.

Pets Boarding - Dogs Boarding at Kennelwood Pet Resorts

Boarding Options

Just like Pet Parents, pets have particular tastes, so we have created a variety of options for our furry friends to enjoy at Kennelwood Pet Resorts. Your pet can even test-drive our boarding facilities at a free Pet SleepOver Orientation.


A Free, One-Night Trial for Your Pet to Discover the Joys of Kennelwood Boarding

At Kennelwood, we alleviate any anxiety that may occur for both you and your pet when they board with us for the first time. That’s why we OFFER ONE FREE OVERNIGHT STAY prior to your pet’s actual vacation.

Remember your first time going to sleep away camp? It can rattle the nerves, for sure, and pets can experience the same emotions when being boarded for the first time. Here at Kennewood Pet Resorts, we understand this, and want to alleviate any anxiety for both Pet Parents and pets. That’s why we provide free Pet Sleepovers for pets looking to test-drive the experience. Your pet will spend the night with us, and be treated to a Personalized PlayTime, a Yappy Hour, a Bizzy Bone, and even a visit to the Spa for a complimentary bath. When you pick up your pet the next day, you will receive a thorough report on their overnight visit. Pet Sleepovers are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights only and are subject to availability.

Please call your nearest Kennelwood location to make your pet’s sleepover reservation.

Pets Boarding - Pet Boarding at Kennelwood Pet Resorts


Pets must have minimum vaccinations, please read more here.

Please read our safety policy.