Missing Pet Resources


Missing Pet Resources

Every day, hundreds of family pets go missing. Losing a pet is stressful, so in 2009 Kennelwood created the Mimi Alert program. This is a FREE SERVICE that helps missing pets find their way home, and also helps people who might find a stray pet. To date the Mimi Alert program has help over 342 pets find their way home.  Again, this is a free service which allows St. Louis-area Pet Parents to submit a missing pet’s information and photo. That information is then emailed to Kennelwood clients that live in the missing pet’s zip codes and also posted on our Facebook page.  Please see below some helpful links that can assist you in the process of finding your pet.

***If your pet is missing, please call the Pet Matchmaker at 314.446.1011 for assistance or complete the Submit a Missing Pet form to the right of this page.

Missing Pet Resources for download:

Found Pet Flyer (.doc)

Missing Pet Flyer (.doc)

List of Shelters (pdf)

Microchip Registries (pdf)

Police Department Info (pdf)

Vet List (.doc)

STL Lost Pets

Tips to help bring your pet home safe:

• Print out a copy of your MIMI ALERT e-blast:   Attach the MIMI ALERT to your front door or mailbox.  If someone finds your pet near your home, this will let that person know where your pet lives.  If you have found a dog and the person that has lost their dog is looking in your neighborhood, the flyer will direct them to you.

• Inform your mail delivery person about your missing pet or found pet: They are in your area every day and may be help in your search.

• Keep track of all the resources that you have used to post information about your pet: Be sure to post current updates about the status of your missing pet. Be sure to include Kennelwood’s Facebook Page  and Twitter in your updates.  You want people to stay interested in your pet’s status.  When you find your pet, contact Patty, the Pet Matchmaker at 314-446-1011 to post the update on Kennelwood’s Facebook page and Twitter.  Kennelwood will update all sites that we posted to, such as our Kennelwood clients in the missing pet’s zip code and surrounding areas, participating veterinarians, rescue groups and shelters.

• Call the police and nearby shelter:  A list of these contacts can be found here: Police Department Information and List of shelters.

• It’s a good idea to visit shelters:  Your description of your pet may vary from what the shelter worker sees.  For example you may say the dog is brown but they think it looks red. It’s a good idea to visit the shelter to make certain that your pet is not there.

• Instruct everyone not to run after your dog:  When you run after a dog they perceive it as chasing.  It may scare them into a dangerous situation or further away.  Walk calmly after the pet, not making a lot of eye contact.

• Dogs that are very “dog friendly” may be attracted by the sight of another dog walking:  If you have a multi pet family, bring your other pet(s) with you on the search if it is safe for the other dog.

• If you receive sightings of your missing pet, you can set a “live trap” with food, water and some of your pet’s belongings:  The trap door will close with your pet inside.  You must check these traps every day and set free any other animals that you may catch.

• Bring a favorite toy that makes noise or the food bowl on your search:  Sometimes pets will come to familiar sounds.

• Remember to think safety while searching:  If you are in a car, have one person drive, one person search.  Carry a flashlight, wear bright colored clothing at night.  Be careful about the information that you give to people that you do not know.

Click HERE to view tips to help prevent your pet from going missing.

Submit a Missing Pet

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Tell us what kind of tags are on the collar. example: rabies tag, owner contact info. Please list all information on the tag
  • Max. file size: 100 MB.

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