On Saturday, November 15th, I went to take out the trash and left the door open. I didn’t know that when I went out, Jax snuck out behind me. About a half an hour later I called his name and he didn’t come. I then realized that he had to have snuck out when I took the trash out. My family and I searched the neighborhood. A few people had seen him but Jax ran from them. By this time it was snowing and very cold out, it was about 23 degrees out and my poor Jax is only 3 pounds.

We posted signs and searched the areas where he was sighted. We searched about 3 miles around us in all directions. Jax is my daughter’s baby and telling her he was lost was not easy. We searched again the next day, hung more signs, and walked through the snow looking with no luck.By Sunday evening I had his picture and story posted all over the internet, Facebook, Lost and found paws, and Kennelwood’s MIMI ALERT. You name it, I had Jax’s name and picture out there.

The MIMI ALERT went out and we had a lot of people sharing our little guy’s story and posting it on their Facebook pages. On Thursday I got a call from a Mr. Roger C. Roger said his dog kept barking at something in the bushes behind his house, so he looked and saw what he thought might have been Jax.  He said he had remembered seeing a little dog that matched his description on a MIMI ALERT. I immediately went over to his house, went into the backyard by the bushes and called Jax name.  It took Jax a minute, but he recognized my voice and came out! Jax was so happy to see his family, giving love and kisses. We were crying tears of joy that our baby boy was found! I cannot express how happy we are to have him back and how thankful we are to Kennelwood Pet Resorts’ MIMI ALERT.  Thank you to Patty, the Pet Matchmaker, for taking her time to care enough to send out MIMI ALERT’s not just for our baby, but for anyone who has a pet that’s gone missing. They aren’t just our pets, they are our family. And thank you to Rodger C again for caring and remembering he saw Jax on the MIMI ALERT. Jax is home safe now. He’s a little skinner and very tired, but he is getting stronger and back to his hyper little self.

BJ Rose

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