Megan Hamby

Kennelwood trainer

Growing up Megan was always fascinated with dogs and took advantage of every opportunity to be around them. Megan is a 2011 graduate of the Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers. She graduated from both the Professional and Masters Course with her two Belgian Malinois, Watson and Feloyn. Since graduating Megan and has trained in many different areas from obedience to protection as well as some narcotics work. Megan has worked with a variety of trainers, seen many different techniques nationwide, and she has been a part of rehabilitating countless dogs since starting her career. “I love my job. Being able to work with dogs every day and helping owners communicate with them properly is so rewarding. The best feeling is knowing that I was able to help clients who felt as though I was their last hope. It’s so gratifying to help them get to a place where they are now able to clearly communicate and have a closer bond with their pet.”  Megan recently trained a narcotics detection dog for the Hartford, Connecticut Police Department. She enjoys competing with her dogs in the Protection Sports Association. Megan and Feloyn have earned many awards in PSA, including 2012′s Midwest Regional Champion and National Champion for the level 1s, and she is currently PSA’s youngest National Champion. In 2013, Megan was again the Midwest Regional Champion and National Vice Champion for level 2s. Megan and Feloyn have always made their way to the podium at other competitions as well. They have received awards for High in Obedience, High in Protection, High Owner Trained, High in Trial, and Highest score of the year for PSA Level 2. Megan plans to keep competing with the hopes of getting Feloyn’s PSA3 soon and to begin competing with Watson.

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