Katelyn Pollock


Katelyn was born in Colorado and was raised in Central Texas and Southern Illinois. Katelyn grew up in a family of animal lovers and learned to love animals just the same. Her love for animals is so deep she even chose St Francis of Assisi, the patron of animals, as her confirmation saint. Katelyn is a 2021 graduate of the inaugural class of the Kennelwood Academy for Professional Dog Trainers. Katelyn join the Kennelwood Pet Resorts team as a Trainer in 2023. Katelyn is experienced in K9 dogs, tracking, odor detection, retrieves, basic and advanced obedience, service dogs, and behavior modification. Recently, Katelyn help train a narcotic detection dog for a agency. She also trained multiple service dogs for deep pressure therapy and stability. Her dream is to travel around the country and the world to help save animals following disasters.

“My goal is to keep your dog safe and for you and your dog to have a better life together.”

[email protected]

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