Jo Oakes

Kennelwood trainer

Jo has been working in the pet industry since 2020, when she moved back to St. Louis after serving in the Navy for 4 years. Jo was planning to be a nurse after the Navy.  Having grown up with hunting dogs, Jo sought out what she thought would be a temporary job in the pet industry at Kennelwood until nursing school began.  It’s funny how life works out. Shortly after starting at Kennelwood, Jo became an assistant in the Training department and the rest as they say is history! Jo is thrilled how she found her passion and is “so happy that being a Professional Dog Trainer is now her profession!”

Jo has two dogs of her own. Folesy is Jo’s oldest, an American Bully, who is a total princess. Folesy was hand rescued as a 10-week-old puppy by Jo from a bad situation. Folesy is a once in a lifetime dog that everyone quickly falls in love with due to her big smile and bubbly personality. Brewer is a bully breed mix and is Jo’s youngest dog. Brewer was the dog that drove Jo to really want to be a dog trainer because he’s the kind of dog that needed extra work and doing training with him really opened Jo’s eyes to how life changing it can be for your dog. Brewers a total momma’s boy, and his favorite part of the day is training with mom and his post work naps in the sun.

In her free time you’ll find Jo in the gym lifting weights, reading, or training with her dogs.

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