Hunter Martin

Kennelwood trainer

Hunter has always had a love for dogs. In 2012 he decided to chase his dream of becoming a Dog Trainer by attending The Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers. Later that year, Hunter, graduated from both the Professional and Masters Courses and began his career at Kennelwood Pet Resorts.

Utilizing a wide variety of training techniques and methods, Hunter teaches his clients to achieve the communication and bond needed with their dog. “Watching the relationship of my clients with their dog grow is very rewarding and is the reason why I love working at Kennelwood.” As a new father Hunter is committed to helping families train their dogs to be well behaved and social. “Having a dog I can trust completely with my daughter is very important to my family.” Sharing his knowledge and techniques, Hunter, strives to give his clients the very best training available.

[email protected]

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