Elizabeth Mugele


Elizabeth joined the Kennelwood Team in 2020 and held positions as a DayCamp Counselor and a Customer Service Representative.  Always admiring the Kennelwood Trainers at her location, she quickly found her passion and attended the Kennelwood Academy for Professional Dog Trainers. In 2023 Elizabeth graduated the Kennelwood Academy and began her career as a Dog Trainer at our O’Fallon location.  

Elizabeth has had a life long passion for pets, and has been working with pets her entire life.  She grew up on a farm in a small town where loved volunteering at shelters and had a love for rodeo.  She loves working at Kennelwood for so many reasons. “The clients are one of a kind, the dogs are always amazing, the employees are fantastic at what they do and they always treat the pets like they are their own.” Elizabeth says the thing that makes her love her job the most though is “building stronger relationships between dogs and their owners, seeing the progress and watching the dogs soar.”   

Elizabeth has 2 dogs of her own. Moe, an Aussie Mix, who loves herding the cattle, sleeping ALL the time, and being her best friend. Moe taught Elizabeth the most and really kick-started her Dog Training career. And then there’s Elizabeth’s German Shepherd, Rip, who she claims would trade her for a toy or food. Rip enjoys playing ball and working on training.

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