Dana Carter

Kennelwood trainer

Dana has worked in the pet industry since 2009. Her first job was actually here at Kennelwood! Dogs have always been Dana’s passion and if she’s being honest, she prefers their company too.  “Over the years I have created so many bonds with such special dogs and great clients. It’s really made me love working at Kennelwood. I love nothing more than befriending and creating bonds with the shy dogs.” Dana has a 9 year old Schnoodle named Noah whom she rescued from HSMO back in 2014 and her heart dog is Lance, a 15.5 year old German shepherd. She calls Lance her best friend. Dana also claims her brothers Lab, Boots, and her boyfriends German Shepherd, Atticus, because “the more dogs the better and I love pilling  all 4 of them in my car and taking them all to the park.” In her free time she loves spending time outside visiting parks, hiking, camping, training her dogs and teaching the new tricks. She also loves a good dog friendly patio! You might also see some of Dana’s photos on our DayCamp Facebook group. Photography has been a hobby of hers since she was young.

[email protected]

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