Kennelwood Dog DayCamp: Reservations

Making a reservation for our St. Louis dog daycare is simple: if you can type and click, you’re solid. Submit your information and secure a DayCamp date using our form.  

Note to First-Time Customers: Once we’ve received your request, a Kennelwood Customer Service Representative will contact you to confirm the appointment or reschedule if there is no availability on your selected date 

Note to Returning Customers: Thanks for coming back! Your online reservation is good in our book.  

Did you know that you don’t need to make a reservation for doggie DayCamp at Kennelwood? We appreciate it, of course, but it’s not required. Simply walk in, leashed pup and all, and let a member of our Kennelwood Pet Resorts staff know you’d like a full afternoon of fun, Yappy Hour, and more fun 

We just ask that you review our dog daycare rules and vaccination restrictions before your pooch attends his or her DayCamp session. (We’re not as strict as Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop, but we do have rules.) 

Kennelwood Doggie DayCamp Hours

Unlike other St. Louis dog daycares, Kennelwood has very convenient drop-off and pickup hours for Pet Parents. We’re open early on weekdays and Saturday, and have special Sunday hours.  

Sunday – 10AM – 6PM (Chesterfield: 8AM – 5PM)
Monday – 7AM – 6PM
Tuesday – 6:15 AM – 6PM (Page & Lindbergh: 7AM – 6PM)
Wednesday – 7AM – 6PM (Page & Lindberg: 6:15 AM – 6PM)
Thursday – 7 AM – 6PM (St. Peters: 6:15 AM – 6PM)
Friday – 7AM – 6PM
Saturday – 7AM – 5PM 

Our dog daycare hours may vary by DayCamp facility, season, and during the holidays. To confirm hours, we suggest calling your Kennelwood location in Missouri or Illinois. 

Looking to schedule a free Puppy Play Date? We got you covered. Click to submit a reservation for Puppy Play Dates – but hurry, spots fill up fast.