Nicki Alexander

Kennelwood trainer

Nicki has always had a passion for helping animals. Growing up, she volunteered for local shelters and was always eager to dog sit when friends and family went out of town.
After high school, Nicki enrolled in online courses to pursue a veterinary technician career. She loved the veterinary side, but decided she wanted to go a different route. In March 2008, Nicki joined the Kennelwood team as a Customer Service Representative and soon there after became the Assistant Facility Manager at the Mason Lane location. During this time, she was intrigued by the personal trainer at this location. Shortly after, she became the training assistant for Matt Koch, where she was given the opportunity to learn from his expertise and years of experience. In January 2010, Nicki became a full time personal trainer at the Mason Lane location alongside Matt Koch.

Nicki is first-aid and CPR certified for cats and dogs. She is also an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator and is currently working on competing in AKC obedience with her cattle dog mix Vann. Nicki loves to volunteer with local rescue groups by training their dogs which aids in finding them forever homes. She has also fostered and rehabbed many dogs in her home over her career.

“I am truly grateful that I was given the opportunity to become a trainer. Not many people love going to “work” everyday and I can honestly say that I do.”

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