Lexi Butler


Lexi has been an animal lover ever since she was young. Growing up she was surrounded by all different kinds of animals, from dogs and cats to cows and chickens. Throughout her life Lexi formed relationships with many of these domestic animals. In college, her love for animals inspired her to pursue a degree in Biology to help further her knowledge of animals. During this time she took several internships at wildlife sanctuaries across the world, where she learned a great deal about animal behavior.

After college, Lexi chose to apply for a job at Kennelwood Pet Resorts as a boarding staff member. Her passion for animals aided her in quickly becoming one of the Pet Activities Counselors. In this role, she learned a lot about dog body language/behavior and discovered that dog training was the career path she wanted to pursue. Soon after, she was made the “Dog Training Apprentice” under Kennelwood Training Director, Matt Koch and Trainer Greg Dickson. Lexi has since passed all apprenticeship requirements and is currently working with her dog, Astro, to get him AKC certified.

“I love working with dogs and their owners to help create a lasting and unbreakable relationship. I am so lucky to be able to pursue my life’s passion!”

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