Kevin Goede

Kevin the Kennelwood Trainer getting licked by two dogs

Kevin spent numerous years in law enforcement and developed a passion for working breed dogs. He graduated from the Tom Rose School Professional and Master Dog Training programs in 2011.  Kevin has been training ever since, working with dogs in AKC, Schutzhund, Protection, and Narcotics.  Recently, Kevin trained a dual purpose police dog for an agency in Arizona.

Kevin competes in Schutzhund and PSA (Protection Sports Association) with his personal dogs Havok and Khaos. He has received numerous awards in PSA, most notably 2nd Place PSA Regionals 2012, 2nd Place PSA Nationals 2012 with the High Protection Award at the 2012 PSA Nationals.

“I highly recommend Kevin for any of your puppy and dog training needs.  He is very professional at what he does.  Kevin is very caring to your dog/puppy.  He took our out of control Lab/Shepherd mix puppy and made her the perfect puppy.  Kevin also works with the family to make sure they are comfortable with the training before he leaves.  Kevin will always be my go to person for any of my dog/puppy training needs.”  

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