Kelly Bather

Kennelwood trainer

Kelly joined the Kennelwood team in 2022. Kelly has always been a dog person, but she quickly realized that being with pets 24/7 brought a certain happiness in her life and she’s been hooked ever since. With years of experience in the pet industry and her love for pets, we’re thrilled to have Kelley as an Assistant Manager at our Mason Lane Pet Resort. Kelly loves working at Kennelwood “because I have a great leader to follow behind and I’ve learned so much from her already. Kennelwood takes pride in caring for pets, and I’ve always taken my role in the pet industry seriously. It’s refreshing to be with a company that shares the same values and commitment.”

Kelly is the proud pet parent to three pets: Chloe, a Malamute/German Shepherd/Husky mix and two cats, George, a female orange short haired and Francis, a male long haired domestic. In her free time, you can find Kelly at the gym, fine dining, traveling with her fiancé, shopping, or enjoying self-care days.

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