Austin Goff

Kennelwood trainer

Austin joined the Kennelwood team in 2022 as the Assistant Manager of our Chesterfield Location. Austin’s passion for animals began when he was a child, as he spent his days watching Steve Irwin and other animal lovers on TV. He knew he was destined for a career working with animals early on.  Austin loves working at Kennelwood Pet Resorts “because of the people that surround me here. This company is full of passionate animal lovers that really love the animals we care for here. I have worked for several other companies, but Kennelwood is truly something special.”

As the true pet lover that he is, Austin has a 3-year-old Chihuahua Mix named Rye, an 8-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog named Luna, a 3-year- old Greenbottle Blue Tarantula named Taran, a 31-year-old African Red-bellied Parrot named Sadie, and several tropical fish tanks at home. Austin’s second love is watching movies. He calls himself a movie fanatic and loves them all. Especially Horror films. When he’s not loving on animals or watching a good movie, you can find Austin writing, listen to a true-crime podcast, or doing a bit of gaming.

[email protected]

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