Ashlee Albers

Kennelwood trainer

Ashlee join the Kennelwood team in 2016 and has worked in every department over the years. Initially, Ashlee was not planning on a career in the pet industry. She was going to get her CNA license, but fell in love with Kennelwood instead. And we’re so happy that she did! Her love for all animals helped too.

I love working at Kennelwood because there is opportunity for growth and potential for a career. I also love how Kennelwood is a perfect opportunity for anyone trying to navigate through what they want to do in life, and helps with a lot of life lessons.”

Ashlee has 7 dogs: Precious (14 year old Malinois/Lab mix), Merlin (10 year old Beagle mix), Spunky (7 year old Boxer mix), Axel (7 year old Pitbull/Lab mix), Morticia (4 year old Blue Nose Pit) Gomez and Fester (1 1/2 year old Pitbull/ab mixes). In her free time, Ashlee, likes to take Fester and Gomez hiking and train her dogs. Sleep is one of her favorite things though too! She also likes to go to the gym and spend time with family.

[email protected]

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