Team of Dogs “Riding” to Help Find a Cure for Cancer!

Team of Dogs “Riding” to Help Find a Cure for Cancer!

(St. Louis) Kennelwood Pet Resorts® has a team of dogs “riding” rather, walking on treadmills, for Pedal the Cause. Since 2011 Kennelwood Pet Resorts has been a proud supporter of Pedal the Cause and has raised over $100,000.00 for the cause. This year’s fundraising efforts have gone to the dogs! Team Kennelwood is being represented by all K9s this year. With a goal of raising $16,000.00 towards helping to find a cure for cancer, Elwood, Ruger, Vann, Bash, Doug, Joey, Feloyn, and Reya are all four-legged members of Team Kennelwood “riding” to help raise donations for Pedal the Cause now through September 29, 2019.

Although the Kennelwood Pet Resorts Dog Trainers are among the finest in the industry, they haven’t quite been able to teach dogs how to pedal a bicycle, yet. The Team Kennelwood dogs rather, are walking on treadmills to help raise dollars for Pedal the Cause. The dogs can be seen in the Kennelwood Pet Resorts locations they are representing, walking on the treadmill for donations to Pedal the Cause. A suggested $5.00 per mile donation is helping these K9s achieve their fundraising goal.

Joey’s pet parents, Cynthia and Bob Lloyd know the full impact Pedal the Cause has on cancer research. Cynthia’s life was saved by a clinical trial, for a rare lymphoma, with the care and treatment of Dr. Nancy Bartlett at Siteman.  Joey is named for Bob’s brother who sadly passed away from cancer. The Lloyd family has generously committed to matching donations, up to $2,000, for Joey’s ride. Cynthia asks others to join in supporting this worthy cause because as she says, “Being alive and able to share this amazing moment in philanthropy with the Page Kennelwood family is a gift. Our Joey “I’m A Girl” Lloyd rides to honor Dr. Bartlett, in memory of brother Joe, and for other family members who enjoy recovery from their cancer, or who were unable to benefit from the innovative advanced medicine of today.”

“Since day one, Kennelwood Pet Resorts has been a strong supporter of Pedal the Cause and our mission to create a world without cancer,” says Jay Indovino, Executive Director of Pedal the Cause. “As we get ready to ride in our 10th event, we are so thankful for the passion and commitment of the entire team at Kennelwood, who have truly made funding cancer research a priority. 100 percent of the $24.3 million Pedal the Cause has raised and donated since 2010 is now funding innovative cancer research and our friends at Kennelwood should be proud of their contribution toward this incredible effort.”



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