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Has your good dog developed some bad manners? Enroll in one of our award-winning programs to address basic obedience, bothersome behavioral issues, and beyond.

In addition to helping your BFF break their bad habits, training is a great way to keep your dog engaged, build trust, and strengthen your bond. Ready to unleash your pup’s full potential?

Reach out to schedule your FREE evaluation today, and we’ll help you find the plan that’s right for your pet’s individual goals.

Train the Kennelwood Way

Our Approach

For decades, we’ve made it our mission to better understand dogs and the way they communicate. From researching the canine psyche, to testing the latest training techniques, our team has unleashed powerful insights to help inform our award-winning curriculum.

See why we’re the leader of the pack.

More than a motto for your work-life balance, we believe the best way to keep your dog engaged is to exercise the mind and body.

When you sign up for training at Kennelwood, your dog will get one-on-one lessons from a professional trainer, plus plenty of supervised socialization at Doggie DayCamp.

Giving your dog time to run and play allows them to focus more on their lessons––and less on the excitement around them.

As the industry-leader in training and curriculum, we work with the most passionate and skilled professionals in the industry to help your BFF reach their goals.

More than mere dog whisperers, our experts complete thorough assessments of your pet’s aptitude and temperament, using the latest techniques to understand what really resonates.

Over time, you’ll learn the skills to communicate with your pet effectively. And your pet will build the skills they need to feel confident in their abilities. Just ask our thousands of happy Pet Parents.

Because all animals are unique, one-size-fits-all isn’t exactly our style. Whether your
dog needs help with bad habits like jumping and mouthing, or more serious issues like
reactiveness and separation anxiety, we’ll dedicate our training time to addressing your
unique goals.

Ready to get started? Explore our selection of programs and packages to see what’s
right for you.

Not sure where to start? Contact your nearest Kennelwood for a FREE evaluation and
detailed information on our programs.

Introductory packages include 5 days of training per week, for 6 weeks straight.

Find the Right Fit For You

Programs & Packages

Puppy Training

From socialization, to basic obedience, to grooming manners and more, our trainers will create a custom plan fit for your puppy’s individual goals.

Day Training

Part learning, part play, 100% fun, our all-day program is designed for young-to-adult dogs who need a little extra guidance. Drop your dog off before work, then pick them up after.

Board N’ Train

On-the-go often? Bring your pup in for training, and let them sleepover after school. During the day, we’ll work on basic commands and obedience, then we’ll tuck your pup in when they’re all tuckered out.

Train ‘N Play

Sit, stay and play! After completing introductory courses, your pet can attend this advanced class during DayCamp to learn new tricks, treadmill training and more! (Plus, you’ll get special savings on other services.)

STAY! @ Bar K Train 'N Play

After completing introductory courses, your pet can attend this advanced class during DayCamp to learn new tricks, treadmill training and more! The only difference is the play at STAY! is in the 2-acre dog park at Bar K, or in our private outdoor and indoor play yards. You can schedule your pet’s TNP days at STAY! below.

Private Lessons

Need some one-on-one guidance? Work alongside your Personal Dog Trainer to help keep your pet engaged––and on track toward their learning goals.

In-Home Training

From housebreaking to separation anxiety and more, our trainers help correct your pet’s behavior at home, leveraging the comfort of a safe, familiar environment to help alleviate extra stress.



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Behavior Basics

Watch our latest training series for tips and techniques on overcoming common behavioral obstacles.

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