Welcome to my corner — Patty’s corner! Just like The Blues Brothers once sang: “everybody … needs somebody … to love.”  That’s why I created the Kennelwood Pet Resorts Pet Matchmaker program – to help pair dogs and cats that need a good home with an appropriate, loving Pet Parent.

Whether you’re an experienced pet owner or you’re searching for your first puppy love, my free assistance can help you research, locate and choose the best pet for your lifestyle. I’ll connect prospective Pet Parents with rescue organizations and breeders, provide facts on the temperament, size, and energy level of the pet you are interested in.

Just contact me at 314-446-1011 or

Pet of the Week

I’m Patty the Pet Matchmaker and I welcome you to my Pets of the Week page!  I’ve helped 3,101 pets find loving families. Each week, I’ll feature new pets available for adoption.

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New Pet Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it. Hear it from those who we’ve helped find a perfect match. This page is dedicated to the stories, the pet parents, and their new found pets.

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Found Pet Testimonials

Real stories from pet families who have found a missing pet.

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