Pet Parent: Mark M. New Match: Indy


“I have to personally thank you for helping us through the adoption process. As the first time pet owner, we had no clue how to start and what to expect. We wanted a perfect dog for us, a busy family, with both senior and young kids, no experience. I tried Google to identify ideal breeds, just to realize that the breeds I love do not exists in a 300 miles radius. It was time-consuming and frustrating. I am fortunate that a friend referred you. Thank you for recommending local breeders for us, and I appreciate your candid comments on the good, bad and ugly of each breed you recommended. Now we welcome Indy, a 3 months keeshond, as part of family. He is obedient, smart, right level of energy, grooming need, etc. We are proud of him each time we took him out for a walk. Thank you, Pet MatchMaker!”

Thank you, Patty,


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