Growing up in South Dakota, Mike developed a love for all animals, but had a strong fascination with dogs at an early age. He spent his childhood training his own dogs and the pets of family and friends. Mike also volunteered at his local humane society. In 2018 Mike moved to Missouri to pursue an education at the Tom rose school, studying in both professional and master’s programs under the instruction of Kennelwood’s own Dave van Garderen and Jeremy Ciepluch.

Mike is currently training his Belgian Malinois, Zuri, to compete in the sport of PSA. He also has a German Shepherd named Roman, who is Mike’s hunting and fishing buddy. “Being a professional dog trainer is a long dream come true for me. Getting to combine my passions of working with dogs and helping people in one package, is an unbelievably rewarding experience. Whether aiding a nervous or fearful dog to build confidence and have a new lease on their life or just helping people have a better relationship with their four-legged friends, there isn’t anything else I would rather do.”