Leo Hasanaj graduated from the Tom Rose School of Professional Dog Trainers. Leo graduated from the Professional Dog Trainer Program, where he learned a wide variety of advanced training methods and techniques. But where he really shines is working with different breeds and types of people, bringing them together with harmony and ease. His focus is always on what you want to achieve and the methods you are comfortable with, so that you can have the control over and the relationship with your dog that you want. Whether you want to address basic obedience or specific behavioral issues, Leo will work with you closely and remain committed to your goals. He has been involved with dogs and other animals for years, as a Bonded Care Associate, a Shelter Worker and an intern at the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn, NY. He continues his education, taking courses in protection and obedience, and reading about the newest training techniques. Leo is one requirement away from receiving his Masters Certificate from the Tom Rose School. Above all, Leo makes working with your dog fun!