Joe has been a professional dog trainer since 2006, and started as a personal trainer with Kennelwood in 2010. Kylie, his Labrador, is a nationally certified Search and Rescue dog, and together they are part of Gateway Search Dogs, INC which is a non-for profit organization that provides trained search and rescue dogs and personnel to assist law enforcement in missing persons cases.  To Joe, the most rewarding thing about being a dog trainer is the opportunity to provide dogs with behavior problems a second chance.  He has personally fostered, rehabilitated, and found loving homes for numerous dogs that were surrendered due to behavioral issues.  “Joe has been a joy to work with.  He understands the goals we have, and tailors any training to meet those goals.  He has always been available for questions, and been able to answer those questions.  I constantly get compliments on how well trained by dog is, and I that to Joe!”  “Joe has done a great job in training my Boston Terrier, Louie.  As 6 months, he is a very well-behaved puppy.  I appreciate all that Joe has done!”