Grooming Services

Here at Kennelwood Pet Resorts we offer a variety of dog grooming services. We take care of our feline friend to with cat grooming.  Our expert staff are trained the Kennelwood Way, with a high standard for care and quality. Whether your pet needs a bath, haircut or even just a nail trim, our professionally trained staff have the knowledge and proper tools to care for your pet’s specific grooming needs. Your pet’s skin and coat are unique to their breed and require different shampoos, grooming tools, and styling methods. Schedule your pet’s appointment today, and let our pet professionals take care of all your dog grooming and cat grooming needs.

Pet groomer with dog at Kennelwood Pet Resorts
Pet Groomer - Bath and Brush at Kennelwood Pet Resorts

Bath and Brush

A bath at Kennelwood is more than just a rinsing off! We pamper your pet with a nail trim, pad trimming, and ear cleaning. Then it’s on to the comfort of our luxury bathing system, which gives your pet an invigorating massage, while providing the most thorough cleaning process available. Our pet professionals use high-quality, professional shampoos and conditioners formulated specially for your pet. For the finishing touch, each pet receives a bandana or a beautiful bow.

Haircut and Style

Whether your furry friend needs a freshening up after a day of fun in DayCamp, or a whole new style, your pet will be pampered from head to tail by our professional pet stylists. Trust, Commitment, and Loving Care are the foundation for providing your pet with the best experience possible. Our pet stylists are trained to pay close attention to your pet’s specific grooming needs and lifestyle to ensure the proper style for your pet. A regular grooming schedule is important to your pet’s overall health, and at Kennelwood, we provide a customized grooming plan for your pet.

Pet Groomer - Haircut and Style at Kennelwood Pet Resorts
Pet Groomer - Shed-X Treatment at Kennelwood Pet Resorts

Check Out SHED-X® In Action

SHED-X® Treatments:

Eliminate Pet Hair in Your Home

What’s the number one complaint of any pet owner? Shedding. Kennelwood’s exclusive SHED-X® Treatment is a proprietary, five-step service and maintenance program that helps eliminate pet hair in your home.

Highly trained spa technicians follow the five-step treatment plan using specialized SHED-X® tools. The treatment includes a thorough brushing with the correct brushes and combs for each pet’s particular coat. Our HydroSurge™ Therapeutic bathing system with a moisturizing shampoo, nourishes the skin and coat for the SHED-X® process and is followed by an application of a natural anti-shedding solution. Finishing touches include a nail trimming, ear cleaning, cologne, and bandana, and hopefully a nice scratch behind the ears!

With our SHED-X® Treatment, we have the shedding solution service for both dogs and cats!

SHED-X Advantage Club® – Less Hair, Save Money

Dogs and cats are eligible for an annual membership to the SHED-X Advantage Club® so Pet Parents can give their pet unlimited treatments. You only have to purchase a standard bath, and let’s be honest, our pets probably need one. The five-step SHED-X® Treatment program is that simple, easy and affordable.

Additional Services

Healthy Skin & Coat Treatment $12
Fresh Breath Treatment $9
Nail Filing $5
Berry Facial Scrub $5
Nail Polish Service $7
Flea Treatment (plus bath price) $25
De-Skunk Treatment
(plus bath price)
Walk-in Nail Trim & Filing $20
Walk-in Fresh Breath Treatment $10
Walk-in Ear Cleaning $10
Walk-in Sanitary Trim $15
Walk-in Maintenance Brush (per 15 minutes) $10

Pet Groomer - Fresh Breath Treatment at Kennelwood Pet Resorts

Grooming FAQs

What is the difference between filing and trimming nails?

To file nails specialists use a rotary tool to smooth out the rough areas on your pets nails to make them snag-free and rounder. To trim nails we use professional nail trimmers and cut them just above the “quick.”

How do you brush teeth?

For our Fresh Breath Treatment, we use a small toothbrush with Fresh Breath gel, which is designed especially for pets. The Fresh Breath gel loosens and reduces plaque buildup. We finish the treatment with a squirt of Fresh Breath foam, just like mouth wash for dogs! The cost is $9.00.

What is a Healthy Skin & Coat Treatment?

Healthy Skin & Coat is a hydrating treatment applied to your pet after their bath, which will help lessen itchy, dry skin. This is great to use all year round. Your pet will feel silky and the appearance of your pet’s coat will be shiny and beautiful.

What is a SHED-X® Treatment and how much does it cost?

SHED-X® Treatments remove excess hair and dander from your pet. The treatments will also reduce the hair being shed in your home and car. If you suffer from allergies, SHED-X® Treatments will ease symptoms by lessening hair and dander. We recommend SHED-X® Treatments every four to six weeks depending upon your pet’s coat and your personal tolerance for pet hair.

What is a shave down?

Your pet’s hair will be cut to about the length of the hair on top of their muzzle: very short. This style of groom can be useful for heavily matted dogs or pets with very thick coats during the summer.

How do you get rid of fleas?

First visit your veterinarian for a specific treatment for your pet. Then to rid the fleas from your home, you can purchase a flea bomb product. Bedding and carpets and anywhere your pet has been must also be treated at the same time. Then order our flea shampoo every week for three weeks to break the flea egg cycle when you get your pet groomed.

Will a SHED-X® Treatment hurt my pet?

SHED-X® will not hurt them at all. Most pets enjoy the extra brushing and attention during the process. If your pet does become uncomfortable, we will allow your pet to rest and begin later.

What do you do when a pet does not like to be groomed or have their nails trimmed?

Some pets are more sensitive than others and we take their feelings into consideration. Our stylists will work with your pet and a grooming partner to help ease your pet into the process. If your pet does have a tendency to bite, a humane muzzle will be used to protect our stylists as well as your pet.

Should I get my puppy groomed?

Absolutely! The earlier you introduce them to the grooming process, the more they will enjoy it. We suggest you bring them in every two weeks for a bath so we can begin a bond with them and become part of their family. Be sure your puppy has been properly vaccinated prior to grooming or boarding.


Pets must have minimum vaccinations, please read more here.

Please read our safety policy.