Growing up Brooke had several pets and quickly realized her love for animals. She has groomed and cared for pets over the last 10 years.  Brooke even spent some time working for a pet shampoo manufacturer where she learned very useful knowledge that proves to be useful daily in her current role as the Grooming Manager. One of Brookes favorite moments in the day is having the opportunity to see the transformation of pet’s with the before and after grooming appearance. A fresh haircut or bath really makes a pet feel its best and Brooke loves having the opportunity to see that on a daily basis. “I love that I’m able to provide a pet parent with solutions to their pet’s skin and coat issues. I truly enjoy having the opportunity to build relationships with our customers and I love that we bond over our mutual love of their pet. Kennelwood has that family like atmosphere and I love being a part of this amazing and creative grooming team at Page & Lindbergh.”