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Good news! Major was found this evening! He had gone to an apartment about 100 yards from our door and laid down on their patio, until they opened the door and let him in. He hung out with them all day and their neighbor recognized his face from the MIMI alert she received in her […]

Patty, When a pet bolts into the hard, cruel world, it’s devastating knowing the dangers they can encounter. When my dog, Lana, slipped out of our apparently unlatched gate, I immediately went into panic mode. She had never been out on her own before and is far from streetwise. After learning of her escape, I […]

The owner has been found!  I confirmed with Humane Society just this morning. I emailed and facebooked a variety of locations, and no idea which one ultimately did the trick, but something did.  So I’m sending huge thanks to everyone!  I was hoping these dogs would go home together – and they have.  I’ve posted […]

On Saturday, November 15th, I went to take out the trash and left the door open. I didn’t know that when I went out, Jax snuck out behind me. About a half an hour later I called his name and he didn’t come. I then realized that he had to have snuck out when I […]

Pet Parents: Jo-Ann New Match: Taffy

Patty, I can’t thank you enough for putting me in touch with Taffy.  I had lost my 70 pound standard poodle of 12 years and couldn’t stand how quiet the house was.  It was time to downsize and you had exactly what I was looking for–a small, loving and trained cockapoo. As you can see, all she […]

Pet Parents: Myra New Match: Sunny

Hi Patty, I wanted to thank you for your help and encouragement in our search for a new dog.  After having our sweet Cocker Spaniel for 18 years we didn’t know where to begin looking for another Cocker Spaniel.  You responded promptly to my phone call and sent us many reputable websites and numbers.  After taking […]

Pet Parent: Mark M. New Match: Indy

“I have to personally thank you for helping us through the adoption process. As the first time pet owner, we had no clue how to start and what to expect. We wanted a perfect dog for us, a busy family, with both senior and young kids, no experience. I tried Google to identify ideal breeds, […]

Pet Parent: Jennifer T. New Pet: Penny

Hello Patty, “I am happy to inform you we found a wonderful dog from Diana’s Grove Rescue.  She is a 5 month old Chiweenie who is absolutely adorable.  She follows my son all over the house, is very playful and has tons of kisses packed in her little 10 pound body.  There is not a mean bone in […]

Pet Parents: Carly and Fred B New Pet: Kelli

“We have been customers at Kennelwood since 1994.  We adopted our first Maltese from a breeder who was recommended by Kennelwood and sent 3 dogs to obedience classes. Recently our little Shih Tzu died suddenly as a result of a rabies shot.  When our hearts had healed enough that we felt ready for a baby, […]