Ana is a very sweet Pyrenees/Lab mix with such a beautiful face. Her date of birth is 5/13/19. She was turned into a shelter due to hip dysplasia. The rescue group was asked if we could take her and do her surgeries. Her first hip was done at the beginning of April and she has healed. She has loved going to water therapy! Her second surgery is scheduled for June 24th. Once she recovers she will be ready for her forever home, toward the end of August.
She loves her people and walks. She is very young and has gone through a lot, but she still has puppy ways about her. She gets impatient if you do not get her supper as fast as she thinks you should. She chews her toys up sometimes when she gets bored, and likes balls when she is in the mood. Because she loves her people she would be very happy as an only dog.