When a pet bolts into the hard, cruel world, it’s devastating knowing the dangers they can encounter. When my dog, Lana, slipped out of our apparently unlatched gate, I immediately went into panic mode. She had never been out on her own before and is far from streetwise.

After learning of her escape, I immediately went to the Kennelwood website and called to get your Mimi Alert moving. Patty, the Pet Matchmaker, was absolutely wonderful, maintaining a calm, efficient demeanor. She promptly put together a Mimi Alert and allowing me to feel more in control during an out-of-control situation. Although my neighborhood has a great website that helps get the word out, the Mimi Alert compounded that help.

When a resident received a Mimi Alert saying “lost in Wentzville,” she immediately turned to the neighborhood website, saw additional posts and replied that she had seen someone who had rescued my Lana and saw her in her car. I was soothed to know she was not running the busy thoroughfares. That tip helped rescue Lana. The woman had taken her to a local veterinarian where I was able to retrieve her after about 6 hours of havoc.

People take action when they see the Mimi Alerts. The service is invaluable to pet owners who love their pets as though they are children.

Thank you, Kennelwood, for providing such a great, no-cost service. Lana is now safe and sound – still a little guilty – but safe and sound.

Mary Ann


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