Whether you’re a Lab like me and need a bath and trim, a Poodle like my pal Ike who needs a style and groom, or even a Siamese cat — we all still like to look and smell our best. That’s why I helped design the Spa at Kennelwood Resorts with an array of special pet grooming services so any pup or feline can feel on top of the world, even if we just wanna play in the backyard.

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  • SHED-X Treatment Contact Us
  • Shed-x Advantage Club $69-$119 (determinded by breed)
  • Healthy Skin and Coat Treatment $12
  • Fresh Breath Treatment $9
  • Nail Filing $5
  • Berry Facial Scrub $5
  • Walk-in Nail Trim & Filing $15

Bath & Brush

We pamper your pet with a nail trim, pad trimming, and ear cleaning. Then it’s on to the comfort of our HydroSurge® Bathing System, which gives your pet an invigorating massage - read more

Haircut & Style

Think you go to a great salon? They’ve got nothing on Kennelwood’s styling and grooming. Upon check-in our expertly trained and certified staff will consult and advise you on t - read more

SHED-X® Treatments

What’s the number one complaint of any pet owner? Shedding. Trust a dog who listened to his Pet Parent whine one-too-many times – animal fur can be a serious problem, and it’ - read more

SHED-X Advantage Club®

I always say, “Less hair – save money!” The five-step SHED-X® Treatment process is an affordable maintenance program that helps eliminate pet hair in your home.  It makes m - read more

Additional Spa Services

Looking for a little sumpin-sumpin as the young pups like to say? See our menu below. More than likely, if you want it for your pet -- we've got it. - read more

Additional Resort Activities

We've set up a series of fun activities here at Kennelwood Pet Resorts to keep your pets busy and happy. - read more